Saturday, 9 August 2014

Stuck in Arendal..

We arrived here last night at 1.30am.  Looked  really pretty in the still evening air and clear moonlight.  This morning we toured the town and discovered some lovely houses in the old town, the 1909 railway station (trains to Stavanger take 5hr 27 min and cost 628 N.Kr, in case you wanted to know). A few people went to the island of Merdo in the estuary and visited the museum there.  Then the storm blew in. They say it's the tail end of hurricane Bertha.  Lashing it down.  Crew out in it tying down the foresails.  Rumours are that we might get underway at midnight.  Everyone in the saloon playing cards, games, reading or sleeping.  Meanwhile Maria (Miss Kitty) and Godfried spend 900 Near buying us all 14Gb on  data card so we can log in and catch up with the latest cute cat photos on Facebook, or to upload this log....


  1. Good job all those cases of wine are on board to keep your thirsts at bay whilst stuck in port.

  2. I hope the weather is better there than it is here. We've had 3 power cuts already this morning. Keep safe. X