Tuesday, 12 August 2014

As Farsund as you can get....

Blog update Monday  11th August

Hello to everyone who is following us and special thanks to those who have commented.  Cheers to you!  We've had requests for more photos and I'll do what I can but we're having to ration our Internet usage abit, and photos take up a lot of bytes....

Change of plan.  Marten decided than we needed to leave Arendal fairly quickly to try to get ahead of the storm.  So the plan was to leave at midnight on Saturday night. Everyone went quiet. White watch would start first  (Maria, Richard,Mary, Harvey, Roz and Tony).  It would be a long night.  As soon as we got out of the sound we hit the strong southerly winds and high seas.  When Blue watch came on watch at 4am the sea state was huge!  Everyone queasy.   The plan was to sail for 36 hours and get to Stavanger up the strongest Head winds meant we were only making 2-3knts with the engine on at full tilt and a few sails up.  So basically we were only going at walking pace.  Another change of plan.  We needed to find a harbour quickly and moor up.  So we look at Farsund on the very southerly tip of Norway.  We do a jibe at about 1700 and make 335 deg. Farsund isn't in the Lonely Planet and the crew haven't been there before so no one knows what to expect.  Marten can't get anyone on the radio either so we just head in gingerly through rocky outcrops to what turns out to be a lovely little fishing village full of white, blue and red clapboard houses - and some fabulous second homes.  When we get in a crowd of locals come and watch.  We just fit on the Quay next to a massive tugboat.  Marten declares we'll be here for at least 24hrs so we might as well make ourselves at home.  Overnight a massive gale blows in but we're safely tied up and snug in our bunks.  Breakfast at 8.30am so a lie in and all watches off.

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